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There is now an update of this tool for CRM 2011: (

This plugin allows to execute a workflow for each entity that has a 1:N or N:N relationship to a given entity.
For example: execute a workflow for each case related to an account (1:N), or for each competitor related to an opportunity (N:N), etc.


With CRM 4.0 out-of-the-box it is possible to perform actions on entities that have a N:1 relationship to a given entity, For example from an opportunity it is possible to update or run a workflow on the parent customer.

This plugin allows to extend this to the other two possible relationships: 1:N and N:N. With the aid of this plugin it is possible to perform an action on each opportunity given the parent customer (1:N) or on each competitor given the opportunity (N:N) or on each opportunity given the competitor (other way of the same N:N).


  • Copy the .dll to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM\Server\bin\assembly folder
  • Run the Plugin Registration tool and register the .dll
  • If the plugin was registered successfully, a new action sub-menu (Utilities) will be available when selecting a workflow action.


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