N:N Question/Issue


I have a custom entity called 'Ideas' with a N:N relationship to the Contact entity. This relationship is setup to allow for subscriptions to the Idea records, so that when an Idea is updated, it will send an email to all of the subscribers with details of the Idea that changed.
So I can setup a 'parent' workflow with a Primary Entity of 'Idea' to detect when changes are made. I then setup the Distribute Workflow N:N to run a 'child' workflow with a primary entity of 'Contact' that sends the e-mail.
But, how do I get the 'child' workflow to know the details of the idea, so I can include them in the e-mail? In other words, the e-mail in the child workflow to the contact should say something like 'Idea # 12345 was updated, please login to the web site to review the idea.' The idea number would change with each instance of the workflow.